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Specialising in Puncture Repair & Prevention Products

The Fight against punctures is Two-fold

Puncture Prevention Products

Installed before a puncture (Say good bye to flat tyres)

Tyre Sealant

  • Use as a preventative (puncture is fixed automatically)
  • Your spare tyre becomes redundant
  • Don’t be left stuck on the side of the road (Peace of mind)
  • Increases your safety
  • Permanent solution (stays in the tyre until the tyre needs replacing)
  • Ideal for those who don’t want to or know how to change a tyre

Puncture Repair Products

Use to fix the puncture (Feel confident in the event of a puncture)

Tyre Plug Kits

  • Unique & easy to use plug gun design, (Grandma uses one)
  • Ideal if you do not have a spare tyre
  • Ideal if you do not have run-flat tyres
  • Quickly & effortlessly plug your own tyre in minimal time
  • Stores neatly in your boot/under seat
  • Ideal if you do not have tyre sealant or in case of emergency
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About Us

Stockists of puncture repair kits and preventative tyre sealants. Pre-treat your tyres and prevent punctures or effortlessly repair a puncture on your own with a Stop and Go tyre repair kit.

Purchase online and have your ordered delivered to your door, or collect from our offices in Midrand Johannesburg. All online transactions are done through the SSL secured Payfast gateway.

Our products eleviate the stress and hassle of repairing a puncture and/or

No one should feel helpless in the event of a deflated tyre as a result of a puncture. Have absolute peace of mind, knowing your tyres are safeguarded from going flat or you are able to repair it yourself in no time.

Your tyres are the most vulnerable part of your vehicle, and in South Africa it’s imperative that you are well prepared.